Huge shout out to our friends at RXBAR for the plethora of tasty and nutritious samples! 


Tell me you don’t want to try one!? (Even if you say it, I don’t believe it!)

As a registered dietitian I am constantly looking for new products that live up to their hype. Few make the cut, but RXBAR passed with flying colors. It is one of the only bar-type snacks I recommend to clients.

While RXBAR is a well-known brand today, it wasn’t always so. It began with two best friends who wanted a protein bar without the B.S. They started in a garage and never looked back.


In addition to their RXBAR, they also make a “kid” version, which mimics the “adult” version, except for smaller size and it reads “No Bad Stuff” instead of “No B.S.” – cute, right? The RXBAR Kids also come in more kid-friendly like flavors: PB&J, Berry Blast, Apple Cinnamon Raisin and Chocolate Chip!

Let’s take a closer look at macros…


The Mint Chocolate Bar contains a total of 210kcal, for the entire bar. Total fat: 9g (2 of those 9g come from saturated fat-the kind we want to limit). Total carbs: 23g. Protein: 12g.

Fat contains 9kcal/g, so 9g x 9kcal/g = 81kcal from fat…36%

Carbs contain 4kcal/g, so 23g x 4kcal/g = 92kcal from carbs…42%

Protein contains 4kcal/g, so 12g x 4kcal/g = 48kcal from protein…22%

You’re probably saying, “Sam, that adds up to 221kcal, not 210 as listed on the package!?!?” You are correct. It is permissible to round macros. For example, it may be something more like: Total fat: 8.6g Total carbs: 22.6g  and Protein: 11.6g, which equals 214.2kcal and is rounded down to 210kcal. Fancy that!

Because RXBARS contain over one-third of calories from fat (healthy fats though), I  wouldn’t recommend them as a pre- or post-workout snack. Pre-workout should be higher in carbs, as they are the body’s preferred energy source. Post-workout should be a snack containing both carbs and protein, to replete glycogen stores and promote muscle protein synthesis, ideally in a 4:1 ratio.

Taste-wise, I think these guys beat out a lot of other competition. Of course, I haven’t tasted every single protein bar known to man, but because all natural ingredients are used, there isn’t any weird aftertaste like SO many other bars on the market.

What else I love about these bars…

  • 12g of quality protein, per bar. Nuts contribute to some of the protein, but the majority comes from egg whites, which are a complete protein, meaning they contain all the essential amino acids.
  • No added sugar. Period. The end.
  • All RXBARS contain 210kcal or less.
  • While RXBARS are not completely allergen free, they are free from: dairy, gluten and soy.
  • You can set up a subscription account on their website to keep the goodness coming, automatically!
  • They offer “refer a friend & earn $”

There it is in a nutshell. If you’re looking for a wholesome afternoon pick me up, give these a try. You won’t be disappointed!