Elevate Athletics @ THS

Talk about how time flies. I was honored to speak at my alma mater earlier this week, and I can hardly believe it has been TEN years since I graduated high school. I was invited to present for the Cross Country Team. Our discussion covered nutrition basics, nutrients of importance, hydration and touched on competing at the collegiate level.

From macros and micros, to discussing nutrients of concern and hydration – there for sure were some new facts shared. For example, most folks don’t realize that calcium, in addition to maintaining strong bones and teeth, also serves as an ion in the bloodstream, assisting sodium and potassium. That being said, if not enough calcium is consumed on a regular basis the body pulls calcium from storage in bones and teeth to maintain homeostasis in the bloodstream…increasing the risk of a possible stress fracture. We covered how much calcium is needed, micronutrient inhibitors and facilitators of the nutrient and best time to consume said nutrients.

Aside from enjoying presenting, it was great to catch up with my old coach and I even ran into some of my high school teachers. They all remembered my name…not sure if that is a good or bad thing 😬.

While we focused on fueling strategies for distance runners, it is imperative to mention nutrition goals vary greatly depending on the sport, and even from one position to another, i.e. offensive lineman v. running back. Whether a team is looking to make another run at the state championship, or looking for their first “W”, Elevate Athletics is here to help!

Best of luck this season, Lady Spartans!

(someone was sidetracked this visit and forgot to take any pics…photo cred: Cincinnati Enquirer – military wall logo)