Enjoying the journey

*Top that ride ^ 😆 (I loved that truck, despite no working A/C…had to upgrade to something a bit more kid friendly though…R.I.P ol’ grey.)

2019 is just a couple days away, and I can’t help but reflect upon not only last year, but the last several. Much like that Chevy K1500, our goals and ideals constantly change. Whether that is career goals, relationship goals, means of TRANSPORTATION goals, financial goals, health and wellness goals, etc…one thing about life I have found to be constant, is change. With change often comes a myriad of feelings, both positive and negative. Not to mention, the idea that once we achieve ‘x,y,z’ or make ‘$$$$$$’ per year or buy ‘this luxury vehicle’…THEN we will finally be happy!

I’m here to tell you: that is a bunch of bologna! Don’t just take it from me, financial experts agree. Personally, I don’t notice a difference in my amount of life satisfaction now, versus when we made significantly less money when we first got married. I would say it is more rewarding, having a baby daughter, but that has nothing to do with material wealth.

So what then is the secret to happiness? Here is my hypothesis: learn to be content whatever your circumstances, and enjoy each day you’re given – much easier said than done sometimes! Often times, this is completely opposite of modern culture. Case in point: the average American couple spends over $32,000 on their wedding😲 That is a decent down payment for a new house!!!! On the contrary, Sailor Man and I paid for only rings, my casual dress, my boots and our marriage license which came to less than $500. We didn’t take a honeymoon because we couldn’t afford it, and four years later, I think we would do it exactly the same. Do people stare at us with their head slightly tilted when they hear our wedding story? No doubt.


When we got married I was living in Texas and he was still in Ohio. I flew home and we tied the knot at my g-parents in Ohio and I intentionally missed my flight back to the lone star state. He packed up whatever he could fit in his car, and we drove from Cincinnati to Del Rio! Talk about a heck of a road trip! We had a full week to make the 1,341 mile distance, and no agenda! We stopped when and where we felt like it.

To make things interesting, he had no job lined up when we arrived to our new home. To us, it didn’t matter. While we could make ends meet on my income alone, I know all men want to be providers…we just trusted God would prove faithful, and He did.

I share this story because I say with full confidence that when we find joy in the things with which we have already been blessed with, it is enough. No matter what your goals look like for 2019, my advice is too not get so caught up with the end result that you miss the scenery along the way!

Cheers to a new year, my friends 🥂