dealing with deployments

Some days, that about sums it up ^^^

We’re officially one month down…five to go! Never did I ever envision myself living that domesticated life, taking care of the homestead with a baby on my hip. But, you know what they say…’never say never’🤣

The past thirty days have been ‘unpredictable’, to put it mildly. I like to think I view the glass as half full. So, allow me share some invaluable insight I have learned in this short time frame. Even if you have no connection to the military whatsoever, I think you’ll find most, if not all of the following points applicable to your own life.

  1. Things will go differently than planned. While ‘different’ is open to interpretation, a lot of organized chaos is happening in our small household. A couple weeks after Sailor Man left, Junie ended up with an eye infection, then an ear infection and currently a cough. I know, I know…it’s that time of year. But you know what else, Susan, when Junie don’t sleep, Momma don’t sleep. There is no JV string, or backup to call in when she wakes up for the seventh time and Daddy is half way around the world. Plus, every 11 month old knows how to milk it, for all it’s worth…IDK how many episodes of Peppa Pig I endured.

IMG_20190106_164359I am happy to say she is on the mend, but not without first sharing her germs with Momma.

2. You’re capable of more than you think. I learned how to disconnect and remove a car battery! Y’all should’ve seen me in the garage, wearing a headlamp, while simultaneously watching YouTube DIY videos, and praying June didn’t wake up from her nap. Thankfully, I got it figured out…Sailor Man can have at when it returns home.

On a different note, I was kinda dreading the holiday season with him being gone, especially with it being the rugrat’s first Christmas. I thought about venturing home to the 513, but the idea of traveling during the holidays made me want to pull out my hair. Anyone who has traveled for Christmas knows travel logistics is only half the headache…the visiting obligations upon reaching your destination is ridiculously unrealistic. Add a single parent and infant to the formula and you have yourself a recipe for a major mommy meltdown. Instead, Junie and I opted to spend a quiet Christmas with a fellow Navy Wife whose husband is also deployed. Birds of a feather…

3. Take it one day at a time. Whether you’re facing a life changing medical diagnosis, entering a new life stage, creating your own start up, becoming a parent or also have a loved one currently deployed, one thing I have found helpful is taking it one day at a time. As harsh as it may sound, tomorrow isn’t a guarantee, therefore, why let it steal today’s joy? Similarly, each day has enough trouble of its own – just focus on the task in front of you. Achieving small, incremental goals eventually leads to great success, when completed consistently.

4. Friends = Family. I love my family dearly. But, how can they truly know what military life is like, if they have never experienced it? I can’t expect them to understand the unique life of a military family. That is why, I have made it a point, and been blessed to find several friends I consider family. Some are fellow military spouses, some are not. Regardless, I know they would do anything to help in a heartbeat, and I hope they know the same would be reciprocated. Case in point: one of my friends organized a babysitter, so we could have a girls night!!!! It has been since March 2018, since I went out without a baby…but who is counting??!

No matter your circumstances, we all have days, or even seasons of life that are better than others. We only get so many trips around the sun before our number is called…might as well make ’em count. This blog is just one way to share what I’m learning, and hopefully it helps others, whatever their situation!